L I S T E N ,  L I S T E N
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Producer: Continental Drifters

German Release Date: Nov. 5, 2001
Label: Blue Rose Records
CD and 10" vinyl!

  1. Listen, Listen (S. Denny) 4:10
  2. I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight (R. Thompson) 2:47
  3. The Poor Ditching Boy (R. Thompson) 3:18
  4. You're Going to Need Somebody (R. Thompson) 3:53
  1. I'm a Dreamer (S. Denny) 4:19
  2. Matty Groves (Trad. arr. Fairport Convention) 6:02
  3. Meet On The Ledge (R. Thompson) 3:37

November 21, 1998, the Continental Drifters served ably as house band for "Listen, Listen: The Music of Sandy Denny", presented as part of The Arts at St. Ann's in Brooklyn, New York. We backed up more than a dozen talented singers, as some of the most criminally ignored songwriting in recent history was partially put to right for the night.

The late Sandy Denny and her erstwhile bandmate Richard Thompson have established two of the great canons of contemporary songwriting, largely unheard by the listening public. Their blend of modern smarts, intelligent melodies and the roots of great folk tradition is as moving now as it was over thirty years ago; it's never been bettered, but we sure have a lot of fun playing it.

The band has kept a bunch of the songs we learned in circulation since the St. Ann's show; "Ditching Boy", we began playing when Iain Matthews graciously joined us in New Orleans for a set of his beautiful music May 19, 1998. "Bright Lights" was a song Susan and I have sung together since we first met in the early '90s. Robert suggested we work up "Need Somebody" a few years ago, and it's always been a crowd pleaser. They're all presented in glorious, undistorted acoustic trappings for you, courtesy of Hot*FM's recording skills and the magic of Mike Mayeux.

Enjoy, enjoy!
Peter Holsapple

Produced by Continental Drifters
Mixed and Mastered by Mike Mayeux

Track 1 recorded at Ground Floor Studios, Meraux, LA - August 13, 2001 by Mike Mayeux
Tracks 2-7 recorded at Hot*FM, Hof, Germany - July 5, 2000 by Otto Geymeier

Peter Holsapple - Accordion, Mandolin, 6 & 12 String Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Susan Cowsill - Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Shaker, Vocals
Robert Maché - Mandolin, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Vicki Peterson - Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Mark Walton - Electric Bass
Russ Broussard - Drums

Photography by Rick Olivier

Design by Roland Heckmann / Ab. Art. Graphix
(Original cover of Liege & Lief by Fairport Convention and Roberta Nicol w/ design coordination by Diogenic Attempts Ltd.)

Special Thanks to:
Richard, Sandy, Iain, and everybody who has played a part in the Fairport Convention story; Linda Kenis; Dana, André, Jonathan and Ian Walton; Miranda Victoria Cowsill Holsapple; Nicolas Broussard; Candace Cox Maché; Kim, Spencer, Lindsey and Allison Grace Mayeux; Michael Paz; Edgar and Beate Heckmann; Razor & Tie; Dave Richman; Bob Stein; Carsten Eckermann; Janine Nichols and David Schnirman; Joe Boyd and John Wood; Pam Winters; George Kalogerakis; Joanna Spock Dean; Kevin Salem; Siby Weidner; June Lowrey; North Carolina School of the Arts

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